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                                                                  Booking & Travel Tips:

                                 We will match or better any competitors price 

  • Our packages include all country taxes & fees with no hidden costs
  • Bookings are confirmed instantly or within 24 hours depending on hotel
  • After completing a Quote or Booking online you will receive a detailed email showing all inclusions 
  • Our staff will check all online Quotes and Bookings for accuracy
  • Additional meals or day tours can be added if requested
  • If you need a quote for more than 2 Adults or a Family + kids please contact us for an accurate price



                                                   What to look out for when booking with others        

  • Country taxes & fees range from 17% to 25% and may not be added to your total price. This could cost you hundreds of dollars more at check-in. 
  • Book now pay later! This is not a fixed price and is based on the exchange rate of the day at check-in. This again could cost you hundreds of dollars more